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Reconstruction Works At Sarajevo Waste Water Treatment Plant At Butila

Thanks to best offered technical solutions and most favorable financial conditions, Unioninvest has been awarded with a great project after taking part in International procedure: Reconstruction works at Sarajevo Waste Water Treatment Plant at Butile, PE 600.000, valued 25 million €. 

We are confident in successful implementation of this project in which we are investing our experience in construction of such  facilities.

Detailed description: 

The Sarajevo Wastewater project aims at improving the water quality of Miljacka and Bosna rivers by rehabilitating the idle wastewater treatment plant at Butila and improving the efficiency of the sewer systems in the Sarajevo Canton. These measures will reduce the exposure of downstream communities to polluted surface water and improve the environmental conditions.

The existing WWTP, which was constructed in 1984, will be rehabilitated and upgraded in 2 phases:

Phase 1: Rehabilitation of the existing WWTP to re-establish the original capacity and treatment level (secondary treatment), 600.000 PE
Phase 2: Upgrade of the WWTP for nutrient removal to achieve compliance with EU standard, 650.000 PE

Key Project data:

Identification No:   BA-SWWP-7842BA-S&I-12-14
Scope of Contract: Reconstruction Works at Sarajevo Wastewater Treatment Plant At            Butila, Procurement of Plant Design, Supply and Installation
                                 (Phase 1 and Preliminary design of Phase II)
Origin of Funding: World Bank (WB), International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), IPA funds
Employer:  VIK doo Sarajevo , B&H (Sarajevo Water and Waste water communal agency)
Duration of Contract: 2.00 Year(s)
Contract Signature Date: 15-Jan-2014
Contract Price: 50,116.595,99 BAM (25,624.209,00 €)

Design flows:

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ParametersUnit of measurePhase IPhase II
Raw water pumping station/ preliminary treatmentm3/s5.25.2
The Primary sedimentationm3/s2.6 (4.4)4.4
Biological Treatmentm3/s2.64.4

Design Mass Loadings for WWTP :

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ParametersUnit of measurePhase IPhase II
Biological Oxygen DemandkgBOD5/d36'00039'000
Chemical Oxygen DemandkgCOD/d72'00078'000
Total Suspended SolidskgTSS/d42'00045'500
Total Kjeldahl NitrogenkgTKN/d6'6007'150
Total PhosphoruskgPtot/d1'0801'170
< >

Basic elements of the plant:

  • Pretreatment
  • Biological treatment (primary sedimentation tanks, aeration, secondary sedimentation tanks, sludge recirculation)
  • Sludge treatment sludge with recuperation of energy
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