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Reconstruction of existing building, Complex engineering, 1999 

Olympic complex Zetra Sarajevo is the largest sports and recreational complex built for the XIV Winter Olympic Games in 1984. Construction of the complex ZETRA began in June 1981 and ended in 1982.

Complex had been completely burnt and destroyed during the 1992-1994 war.

Unioninvest with its subcontractors led the rehabilitation of the facility, with the financial support of the International Olympic Committee.

Within the complex are the following facilities: Olympic Hall, the stadium for speed skating, power plant, the Olympic Hall Annex building, city heating plant, parking and service roads, parks and green areas.
The total area of the complex: 59.942,84 m2.

Olympic hall is fully rehabilitated. Also, it was carried out construction works in the cloakroom areas, as well as extension of the annex for the needs of the Olympic Museum and the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Ice Hall is assembly-disassembly typ.

The auditorium has 5.400 numbered seats, instead of the previously planned 8.400.
Full capacity is 12.000 seats and can accommodate up to 20.000 people in case of concerts and similar events.
Installations have been modernized; lighting is in accordance with international standards for sports facilities, heating and cooling comfort provided the highest quality requirements.

Installed are the central control system, extremely flexible surveillance system, as well as sound system, new LED monitors and new scoreboards.

Also, a new system of cooling of ice pad (area): cooling with secondary media, glycol or calcium chloride has been installed.
Constructed are better roads around the complex, and arranged a large parking lot in front of the building.

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