Grbavička 4, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina +387 33 567 431 +387 33 220 952 UK flag BHS zastava


Since 1949 we are designing, constructing, mounting, and maintaining industrial, administrative, sport, health, education, and power facilities;

We offer solutions and implement project tasks in accordance with investors specification and needs;

We were among the first companies in South-eastern Europe which started with water treatment, treatment of solar energy and gas provision.

Major expansion happened in 1969th whereas Unioninvest reached the number of 2.500 employees. On that occasion, one chronicler of the time wrote: Name "Unioninvest" is the name of life.

During the war 1992-1996 almost 80% of material assets of the company were destroyed and the damage was DM 100 million (cca EUR 55 million);

Despite all this, Unioninvest survived. The continuity of work was maintained thank to previous and new businesses in Frankfurt, Berlin (Germany), Moscow (Russian Federation), Algeria;

Today Unioninvest d.d. Sarajevo represents a leadear in engeneering projects in local markets and recognizable brand in region.


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