Manufacturing and warehouse facility in Binjezevo- indsutry zone of Sarajevo

At the specified location investor plans to build office-production and storage facilities. The construction would be implemented in phases as following;

In the first phase, in the southern part of the parcel, construction of office and warehouse facility with two parallely located halls, measuring 40.60 m X 12.70 m, and between the sheltered manipulative plateau with dimensions of 30.00mX9.40 m, is planned.  In the wester hall a boiler room with height h = 470cm is located, walled with bricks and finally plastered. At the bottom of the plateau, towards the river Zujevina a storage building with changing rooms and toilets, staff kitchenette and two offices is planned.

All vehicular access and pedestrian facilities are provided through manipulative plateau, and this is an internal traffic along the western border of the area, linked to industrial roads in the north..

Around the area a wire fencing with entrance gate to connection with industrial road is designed.


Health center Novi Grad Kumrovec, reconstruction of the building

Works on aadaptation, partial rehabilitation and upgrading of the building Health Center Novi Grad “Kumrovec” – second phase.

The building of the Health Center Novi Grad, built in 1974, is the largest medical center in Sarajevo, and serves the largest population in the Sarajevo Canton.

Represents the synonym for primary health care of the Sarajevo Canton, and considering that it has suffered significant damage in the previous war activities, with reconstruction performed by Unioninvest, the building will shine in the right light, and very soon open doors for its patients.

The reconstruction, among the other things, includes drafting of new floor and wall coverings, replacing interior doors, upgrading of the third floor to expand dental services, as well as repairs of the roof, and the closure of the passage and an exterior staircase. 

It is also necessary to replace and rehabilitate existing electrical, water and sewage installations, as well as facades and heating installations and landscaping.

Basic information:

Total contract value: 4,129.347,20 BAM (2,111.301,70 €)
Investor: Public Institution Dom Zdravlja Canton Sarajevo
Location / Address: Otoka, Sarajevo
Period: 2015-2016


Diagnosis and polyclinic, pathology

Supply and installation of central ventilation and air conditioning system – Pathology, including all related mechanical, electrical and civil works in the areas of Clinical Pathology at the third floor and the roof of the Clinical Center building.

Installation includes all the associated installations and equipment, as well as commissioning and proving designed parameters.

Air chamber: Q = 95 kW

Condensation unit Qc= 44kW, Gh = 42 kW, medium freon

Basic information:

Total contract value: 139.906,42 BAM (71.533,00 €)
Investor: Clinical Center University of Sarajevo, KCUS
Location / Address: Ul. Bolnička br.25, Sarajevo
Period: April 2015-ongoing project


Reconstrution works on heat substations, general hospital

«Prim.dr. Abdulah Nakaš», Sarajevo

Public Institution General Hospital «Prim.dr. Abdulah Nakaš», Sarajevo, dating from the 19th century, with specialized-consultative service within the more than 20 primary and oriented medical disciplines, provides its customers high standards of quality and safety, and the possibility of hospitalization as well as planned surgeries.

Within complete reconstruction of the steam heat substations in the General Hospital “Prim. Dr. Abdulah Nakas” Sarajevo, all elements of the old substation have been dismantled and have been built compact steam “Danfoss” substations made of modules, which after the connection, constitute a single entity.

Five reconstructed steam substations have capacity to fully meet the needs for heating, hot water consumables and thermal disinfection of water:

P 23 – O Icapacity1.100 kW
P 23 – O IIcapacity550 kW
P 25 – O Icapacity1.500 kW
P 301 – O Icapacity500 kW
P1203 – O Icapacity1.200 kW

Working of the embedded substation is fully remote monitored and enables monitoring and management from a single location.

The connection of quality components, rational composed , correctly embedded and connected in a compact system provided conditions that are necessary for operation of these types of facilities.

Basic information:

Total contract value: 776.617,94 BAM (397.078,45 €)
Investor: Public Institution General Hospital «Prim.dr. Abdulah Nakaš», Sarajevo
Location / Address: Sarajevo,B&H
Period: February 2014 – November 2014


BH Telecom head quarters (Main building)

Performing the remaining construction and craft works and installation works for the completion of the BH Telecom building in Sarajevo with supply and installation of materials and equipment, till bringing the facility into full operation.

BH Telecom is a leading telecommunications company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which for the purpose of saving costs in the work process and improving the quality of business, placed the key business sectors “under a common roof”, the office building of BH Telecom in the center of Sarajevo, at Franca Lehara No.7.

In public bid competition Unioninvest was chosen as the most favorable competitor and signed an agreement for performance of the remaining construction and craft works and installation works for the completion of the BH Telecom building in Sarajevo with supply and installation of materials and equipment, in order to put the facility into full operation. 
Until that time, only the main civil works have been completed.

Area of the building is 8.027m2 and has an open parking space of 1.887 m2 and garage with total area of 2.016m2.
Entrance in the building is a modern decorated entrance hall, and has 4 elevators and two staircases.

The building is designed for administrative purposes, modern, fully equipped and furnished, further enriched by works of art and works of famous and recognized the Bosnia and Herzegovina painters and artists.

In addition to administrative space, the building also has other facilities, a restaurant with a kitchen, coffee kitchens on each floor, the modern archive and storage space, as well as the technological area with the latest technology.

In addition to the designed mechanical, electrical and sewerage installations, we installed the most modern systems of low power: video surveillance system, access control system and registration of working time, and especially to highlight the LAN service (VOIP and IPTV) networks, as well as the multimedia hall and press center with audio and video systems.

Basic information:

Total contract value: 6,746.852.86 BAM (3,449.611,00 €)
Investor: BH Telecom dd Sarajevo
Area: approximately 8.027 m2
Location / Address: Street Franca Lehara, Sarajevo
Period: June 2013 – Oktober 2014


Headquarters of Service for foreigners’ affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo – LOT 2 (external landscape)

Performing Works on exterior landscape of office building, headquarters of Service for Foreigners’ Affairs and Field Center in Sarajevo.

Basic information:

The total value of the contract: 422.572.31 EUR (€ 216,058.00)
Investor: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ministry of Security B&H, Service for Foreigners’ Affairs
Area: 2,588.00 m2
Location / Address: Municipality Novi Grad, Sarajevo
Period: June 2013 – July 2015


Sterile unit on clinical center of University of Sarajevo

Performing construction, construction-craft works, installation works and furnishing the interior of sterile unit within the Pediatrics Clinic.

By forming a sterile unit in which will be perform the transplantation of peripheral blood stem cells among the pediatric population, it is opened the course for the immediate commencement of autologous transplantation (transplantation of own healthy stem cells), and at the same time have been created conditions for the formation of a stem cell bank and perform allogeneic transplantation of peripheral stem cells (the other donors) .

Equipping and adapting the existing premises for this purpose is crucial, both for Sarajevo, and for Bosnia and Herzegovina, considering that today in Bosnia and Herzegovina there is no other center for this type of medical treatment for children.

KCUS plans to build facilities for autologous stem cell transplantation on the floor 08 of the Clinic for Gynecology, Obstetrics and Pediatrics, Jezero in Sarajevo.

Spatial, architectural and installations interventions, which Unioninvest performed, includes 1 double room in a sterile unit, reducing 1 quadruple room in order to triple room and the accompanying space, and conversion of the existing toilets in functionality changed departments. The total area covers a 67,48m2.

New sterile isolation room is planned as a single patient room with toilet. In order to prevent the penetration of air from the contact room to sterile room, it is in a constant overpressure in relation to all the areas with which it is associated. Filter spaces are under pressure in relation to the sterile room, and in an overpressure in relation to other areas which are not included in the division of sterile unit. Sterile room, as a special unit in the department, works exclusively according to the specifications of equipment manufacturers. All the walls and ceiling in a sterile unit are antibacterial panels. The front door of the room and toilet are also antibacterial. Equipment and appliances for the whole area of sterile rooms and toilets are exclusively ordered according to the instructions of the designer  and equipment supplier.

Basic information:

The total value of the contract: 388,155.53 BAM (€ 198,460.80)
Investor: Clinical Center University of Sarajevo, KCUS
Location / Address: Jezero, KCUS, Sarajevo
Period: October 2013 – April 2014


Public lighting maintenance, municipality Trnovo

Unioninvest Inc. has signed a framework agreement for a period of two years, about Controling, Repairing and maintenance of street lighting in the municipality Trnovo in Sarajevo Canton.

Basic information:

The value of the framework agreement: 151,767 BAM (€ 77,600)
Investor: Sarajevo Canton, Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment protection
Location / Address: Municipality Trnovo, Canton Sarajevo
Period: 2011 – 2014