Supervision of construction works state prison NAKLO, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The purpose of the contract is to provide supervision services over the works on behalf of the contracting authority to be carried out in relation to construction of the prison facility to be built according to the European Prison Rules. The consultant is required to act as the ‘Engineer’ in FIDIC terms and to provide supervision services with full responsibility for the execution of all works compliant to contract conditions, as well as to ensure the provision of the services necessary during the defects notification period.

The construction of a State level maximum security prison in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a key part of improving the judiciary system. The State prison will be for adult males; untried prisoners remanded in custody or prisoners sentenced by the State Court. 
The total capacity will be for 348 inmates. The State Prison is situated in East Ilidza Municipality, app. 11 km from Sarajevo. It is estimated that the State Prison facilities for primary prison activities will cover a floor area of approximately 23.000 m². Additionally 10.000 m² is foreseen as service areas for installation, emergency operation etc.
The establishment will be a low energy structure, having complex security systems. 
The foreseen construction period will be app. 24 months and works will be implemented as per FIDIC MDB Harmonized Construction Contract General Conditions.

The total value of the contract: 1,129.813 BAM (577.664,10 €)
Investor: Project Implementation Unit on behalf Ministry of Justice Bosnia and Herzegovina
Total construction investment: 70,000.000 BAM (35,000.000 €)
Period: July 2014 – … (ongoing)


Surgery ward, 06 & 07 floors, Clinical Center of University of Sarajevo – supervision

Opening and start up of new Surgery Ward with intensive care on the floors 06 and 07 of CMB, Clinical Center University of Sarajevo, is a great success for the entire BH healthcare.
With its technical resources and potential,  the new surgical ward belongs in one of the most modern in the region and provides superior staff working conditions.

Unioninvest supervised the construction, civil and craft works and installation works  for surgery ward  with intensive care on floors 06 and 07 CMB’s Clinical Center University of Sarajevo

Construction works includes construction of ten modern surgery rooms, 19 intensive care beds and 19 recovery rooms.

The total value of the contract: 133.801 BAM (68.411 €)
Investor: Clinical Center of University of Sarajevo
Area: approx 5000 m2
Location / Address: KCUS, CMB Central Medical Block, Koševo, Sarajevo
Total construction investment: 9,317.000 BAM (4,763.706 €)
Period: April 2012 – March 2013


Clinical Center of University of Sarajevo, clinic for hemodialysis – supervision

Supervision of the construction, civil and craft works, installation works and furnishing the interior reconstruction space on the ground floor “DIP” – extension of the Clinic for hemodialysis

The total value of the contract: 13.308 BAM (€ 6.805)
Investor: Clinical Center University of Sarajevo
Area: approx 500m2
Location / Address: KCUS, Kosevo, Sarajevo
Total construction investment: 607.480 BAM (€ 310.600)
Period: 6 months, February 2012 – July 2012

Investor certificate link


Headquarters of Raiffeisen bank dd B&H, Sarajevo

Unioninvest dd Sarajevo and Raiffeisen Bank dd B&H reached an Agreement on Sale, Purchase, Development and Construction of the Raiffeisen Bank Headquarters Project in Sarajevo.

Unioninvest completely developed this property for Raiffeisen Bank HQ, being also a  General contractor for the Turn-key construction works on the headquarters Raiffeisen Bank dd B&H in Sarajevo, consisting of office Building A and office Building B with associated garage space.  

Unioninvest had been coordinating the entire building project with the competent authorities, including obtainment of all Permits necessary for the execution, occupation and operation of the works.  The scope of work aslo included obtainment of the Use Permit together with any and all services and supplies, and all public utilities necessary and useful to operate the building in accordance with its intended use as a bank and office building.

Based on preliminary designs, Unioninvest dd. has developed the main design for all phases of construction as well as the complete „as built“ documentation and all operations and maintenance manuals. 

The building has an up-to date, state of the art, technical systems and standards (European A class building) of air conditioning, heating, electrical, fire and security systems with Building Management system.

Basic information:

Total Value: 61.000.000 BAM (31.188.804,75 €)
Investor: Raiffeisen Bank dd BiH
Area, net: approx 15.600 m2 (Building A) + 8.100 m2 (Building B)
Floor number: 
3S + P + M + 9 + TF – Building A; 
3S + P + 3 + TE – Building B
Location / Address: Quadrant C, Marijin Dvor, Zmaja od Bosne bb street, Sarajevo
Period: September 2006 – September 2010
Professional Supervision: O:SNAP
Few technical details:

Building ABuilding B
Installed electric capacity TS: 2×1.000 kVA in parallel operation Pi=2117kW,Pv=1700kWUPS: 2×275 kVA  in parallel operation Pi=Pv=465kWDEA: 2x 500kVA, Pi=1103kW,Pv=772kWCooling capacity: 1.200 kWBoiler capacity(combined extra light heating oil – natural gas): 1.000 kWInstalled electric capacity TS: 1×1.000 kVA,10(20)/0.42kV, Pi = 1068 kW, Pv = 908 kWUPS: 1×275 kVADEA: 1×500 kVA Boiler capacity (combined extra light heating oil – natural gas): 780 kW



Office building A6, the UN building

Unioninvest dd as the owner of the land, the Investor and the General contractor, developed this remarkable office building.

Office building A-6 is designed as a modern business building of high rank and it is a part of a series of office buildings along Vilson promenade forming a unified unit of office buildings for foreign diplomatic – consular and commercial branch offices.

By general concept simple volume is formed and in accordance with the requirements of the clients in functional – organizational sense, can be divided into two or more spatially – functional units.

The building has the most modern technical systems and standards (European A class object) of air conditioning, heating and cooling (HVAC), electrical, fire and security systems.

Unioninvest dd has designed all phases of construction, and supervised the construction of the building.

The building is occupied by agencies of United Nations and Unioninvest is responsible for the management and maintenance of the building.

Basic information:

Total investment: 20,000.000 EUR (€ 10,000.000)
Investor: Unioninvest dd Sarajevo
Area: approximately 7,500 m2
Floor number: 2S + P + 3
Location / Address: Quadrant C, Marijin Dvor,  Zmaja od Bosne bb street, Sarajevo
Period: 24 months, 2010-2013
Professional supervision: NON STOP, Unionivest


Bjelašnica apartments

Unioninvest dd, as an investor, a designer and a general contractor, completely constructed two apartment buildings 14 and 37 on Mountain Bjelasnica, municipality Trnovo, near the ski center, 23 km from the city of Sarajevo.

At the very inaccessible terrain in the period 2005-2006 year, the two buildings were built:

Building 37 and Building 14 of the total gross area: 5.211 m2 (building 37) and 2.456 m2 (building 14).
Each of the buildings have 35 apartments of different sizes. All apartments are south oriented to ski tracks of SKI center Bjelašnica.
Building 37 is a building with a three basements, ground floor, first floor and attic, where the main entrance is situated on the ground floor. On the Basement 3 is garage.
Building 14 is a building with one basement, groundfloor, first and second floor and attic, where the main entrance is situated on the basement floor. Here is designed an open parking lot.
Apartments were built  in accordance with high professional standards.
Each apartment has the final finished interior surfaces, and  fully equipped toilet (cantilevered toilet seats with built-in water tank, standing sink and shower) and kitchen (cooker hood , refrigerator, dishwasher , Ceran stove and oven) .
All used construction materials are of natural origin .
External joinery is made of pine wood and shutters are also wooden .
The floors in the toilet are made with A class ceramic tiles.
Apartments are heated by radiators (gas/electric heating), has hot sanitary water, derived phone connections and cable television .

Basic information:

Land value:504.459 KM
Total investment : 9.923.132,81 KM (5.073.617 €)
Value of civil&crafts works: 4.500.000 BAM
Value of installation works : 2.250.000 BAM
Investor: Unioninvest dd Sarajevo
Building 37 : approx 5.211 m2
Floor number Building 37 : S1 + S2 + S3 + P + 1 + M
Building 14 : approx 2.456 m2
Floor number : S1 + P + 2 + M
Location / Address: Mountain Bjelasnica , Municipality Trnovo , Canton Sarajevo
Period : 12 months , 2005-2006


Airport project revision

Revision of Main Design of Expansion of Terminal B, International Airport Sarajevo

In accordance with the Regulation on the Construction Site arrangement, required documentation, and on-site participants (Official Gazette of FBiH 48/09 of 27.07.2012.), Revision of Main Design of  Expansion of Terminal B,  Sarajevo International Airport was made and includes the following design phases:

  • Architecture and Landscaping
  • Construction part
  • Sprinkler installation
  • Technology of airport transport system
  • Hydroinstallations
  • Mechanical installations 
  • Electrical installations, weak and strong current

Expansion of the passenger terminal B includes:

  • Construction and expansion of the terminal 1st phase (approximately 10.800 m2 brutto)
  • Modification of existing terminal (approximately 9.000 m2 brutto)
  • Construction of corresponding Landscaping (approximately 10.000 m2 brutto)
  • Construction of all utilities for the Project

Basic information:

Total Value: 29.250,00 BAM (€ 14.955)
Investor:  Sarajevo International Airport 
Period: January 2012 – November 2012


Designing and certification of electrical projects for year 2011; Enterprise for physical and urban planning for city of Zenica

By signing the Framework Agreement Unioninvest has assumed the obligation of the design , inspection and certification of electrical projects for year 2011, according to the requests of the Public Enterprise for Physical and Urban Planning for city Zenica doo Zenica .

During 2011 year was implemented as follows:

  • Inspection and certification of the main project of adaptation and extension of the City sports hall in Zavidovici
  • Inspection and certification of the main project of individual residential building in Gornja Gracanica , street Bare no.40
  • Inspection and certification of the main project of CATV – cable television Nemila
  • Inspection and certification of the main project of wiring for ECO house at Smetovi
  • Inspection and certification of the main project for the construction of cable networks for  Blimišće, Lukovo Polje and Rastopočje, Municipality of Zenica

Basic information:

Total value: A framework agreement was signed in percents
Investor: Public Enterprise for Phisical and Urban Planning for city Zenica doo Zenica .
Period : 2011 years


Technical supervision of buildings “Pretis”, “Vitezit” & “Binas”; UNDP Bosnia & Herzegovina

By signing a contract with UNDP, Unioninvest had an obligation to supervise the construction and craft works, electrical works (strong and weak stream), hydro and mechanical works on the following facilities:
 “Pretis” Vogošća
 “Vitezit” Knight
“Binas” Bugojno
These facilities are for production of products for special purposes (military products,  weapons, ammunition, etc.)

Basic information:

Total value: 29.500,00 BAM (15.083,00 €)
Investor: UNDP B&H
Period: May 2010 – July 2010
Location: The area of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Vogošća, Vitez i Bugojno)



Other projects


Investor: BH Post doo Sarajevo, Tuzla Post center
Total value: 3,400.00 BAM (€ 1,740.00)
Period: May 2012 


Investor: BH Post doo Sarajevo, Tuzla Post center
Total value: 3.861,00 BAM (1.974,00 €)
Period: November 2011

DESIGN for ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS; new schedule of working machines in the facility “Žica” dd Sarajevo

Investor: “Žica” dd Sarajevo
Total value: 4,680.00 BAM (€ 2,390.00)
Period: 2011


Investor: RR Engineering Ltd. Podgorica
The total value of 235,000.00 BAM (€ 120,154.00)
Period: May 2010 – September 2010