OHR building

Office building BMIGR is designed as a modern office building of high rank, which in accordance with the Regulatory Plan can provide their clients with high level services.
Total area:     P = 4.144,95 m2.  

The building is classified as a high standardized object (Class A) according to the following characteristics:

  • completely reconstructed building in accordance with first-class design
  • excellent location, central business area, good visibility and positioning
  • easy and quick access to the building
  • attractiveness to creditworthy and prestigious clientele
  • high level of rent
  • professional asset maintenance and management 
  • modern design and architecture
  • security concrete wall 2,5 m high
  • security/entry house in front of the building
  • installed first-class materials
  • modern high standard windows and window panes
  • reception in the lobby
  • incorporated raised floors, for deposit of cable route
  • Built-in two elevators 
  • power supply solved minimum with power from two sources, with automatic switch
  • HVAC system
  • telephone connection 
  • satisfied safety standards (installed fire alarm system)
  • video surveillance (CCTV), TV and IT system: installed in accordance with the requirements of the current user of the building

Office building UNIONINVEST- Grbavička street

Office building is designed as a modern, high-class office building, which can provide its tenants a high level of comfort. 
The building was totally reconstructed , all floor coverings were replaced, covering of walls and ceilings also , all installations with rough and fine assembly, all facade and interior joinery and sheet-metal works,  all kitchen and sanitary equipment.
The building is connected to all city’s infrastructure.
The building is B+GF+6F
Total area:     P = 4.991,80 m2. 


Manufacturing and warehouse facility in Binjezevo- indsutry zone of Sarajevo

At the specified location investor plans to build office-production and storage facilities. The construction would be implemented in phases as following;

In the first phase, in the southern part of the parcel, construction of office and warehouse facility with two parallely located halls, measuring 40.60 m X 12.70 m, and between the sheltered manipulative plateau with dimensions of 30.00mX9.40 m, is planned.  In the wester hall a boiler room with height h = 470cm is located, walled with bricks and finally plastered. At the bottom of the plateau, towards the river Zujevina a storage building with changing rooms and toilets, staff kitchenette and two offices is planned.

All vehicular access and pedestrian facilities are provided through manipulative plateau, and this is an internal traffic along the western border of the area, linked to industrial roads in the north..

Around the area a wire fencing with entrance gate to connection with industrial road is designed.


VENETO OTOKA Residental and commercial building

Design, construction and sale of residential and commercial space in Sarajevo.

The number of floors in the building is 2 basements/garage space + ground floor + 12 floors.

The building has over 220 residential units/apartments on floors and business premises on the ground floor and gallery level.

All residential and business premises registered in the Land Register.

Penthouse apartments from 120 to 165 m2 in lamella B and C are currently available for sale.

For all details see www.veneto-otoka.ba