Health center Novi Grad Kumrovec, reconstruction of the building

Works on aadaptation, partial rehabilitation and upgrading of the building Health Center Novi Grad “Kumrovec” – second phase.

The building of the Health Center Novi Grad, built in 1974, is the largest medical center in Sarajevo, and serves the largest population in the Sarajevo Canton.

Represents the synonym for primary health care of the Sarajevo Canton, and considering that it has suffered significant damage in the previous war activities, with reconstruction performed by Unioninvest, the building will shine in the right light, and very soon open doors for its patients.

The reconstruction, among the other things, includes drafting of new floor and wall coverings, replacing interior doors, upgrading of the third floor to expand dental services, as well as repairs of the roof, and the closure of the passage and an exterior staircase. 

It is also necessary to replace and rehabilitate existing electrical, water and sewage installations, as well as facades and heating installations and landscaping.

Basic information:

Total contract value: 4,129.347,20 BAM (2,111.301,70 €)
Investor: Public Institution Dom Zdravlja Canton Sarajevo
Location / Address: Otoka, Sarajevo
Period: 2015-2016

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