Office building A6, the UN building

Unioninvest dd as the owner of the land, the Investor and the General contractor, developed this remarkable office building.

Office building A-6 is designed as a modern business building of high rank and it is a part of a series of office buildings along Vilson promenade forming a unified unit of office buildings for foreign diplomatic – consular and commercial branch offices.

By general concept simple volume is formed and in accordance with the requirements of the clients in functional – organizational sense, can be divided into two or more spatially – functional units.

The building has the most modern technical systems and standards (European A class object) of air conditioning, heating and cooling (HVAC), electrical, fire and security systems.

Unioninvest dd has designed all phases of construction, and supervised the construction of the building.

The building is occupied by agencies of United Nations and Unioninvest is responsible for the management and maintenance of the building.

Basic information:

Total investment: 20,000.000 EUR (€ 10,000.000)
Investor: Unioninvest dd Sarajevo
Area: approximately 7,500 m2
Floor number: 2S + P + 3
Location / Address: Quadrant C, Marijin Dvor,  Zmaja od Bosne bb street, Sarajevo
Period: 24 months, 2010-2013
Professional supervision: NON STOP, Unionivest

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