The Greece-Bosnia and Herzegovina Friendship Building Sarajevo


Existing building reconstruction

Basic data: 

Contract value: 31,000.000 BAM (15,850.050 €)
Investor: Government of Republic of Greece and Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Period: 2006 – 2008

Unioninvest agreed to completely rebuild the existing building, on the basis of the proposed project, in October 2015, which includes construction, architectural, craft and installation works, within a period of 18 months.
In all these phases of work, the latest technologies were applied and the most modern materials were used. The appearance of the glass itself on so-called double facade on the total area of about 15,000 square meters is set in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time and gives this building a representative appearance. All the installations are on this level. The air conditioning and the ventilation system installed in “ventilation ceiling,” deserve the special attention as this is the solution that is applied for the first time for the buildings in the southeastern Balkans. Support for this system consists of 28 air condition chambers (each floor has an independent air conditioning), a safe system of power supply, water – hot and cold. Its fronting is controlled by sensors. The building has 19,500 square meters of space, of which the office space has 15,000 square meters. About 1,000 employees will work in the comfortable offices and comfortable surroundings. Through this 19-storey building and the underground spaces, six passenger elevators and three cargo high-speed elevators move. Modern equipment installations and equipment were brought in about a hundred trucks and delivered by 50 Unioninvest subcontractors from the country and the world.


Ongoing projects

Waste water treatment plant Prozor-Rama

Key project data: Identification number: 20060272-s040. Subject: Design and construction of wastewater treatment plant Prozor Rama (PE 3,000+3,000). Employer: Municipality of Prozor Rama, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Contract duration: 2 years. Signing of the contract, date: 16.07.2019. Contract Price: 3,547,725.99 KM (1,813,923.50 €)

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Waste water treatment plant Bosanski Petrovac

Key project data: Identification number: 01/1-1-25-7482-UP-1/17
Subject: Design and construction of a wastewater treatment plant in Bosanski Petrovac (PE 5,000). Employer: Municipality of Bosanski Petrovac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Contract duration: 2 years. Signing of the contract, date: 30.10.2018. Contract Price: 2,929,057.32 KM (1,497,603.23 €)

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Villas SMUK Bjelašnica

Location: Trnovo municipality, Babin Dol, Olympic mountain Bjelašnica (300m from the ski lifts), Sarajevo, Federation of BiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Project description: The project includes 6 (six) villas with apartments, which together form one complex.

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